Watamu 'Roadside' Clean-up

The Watamu Association arranged a 'roadside" clean up on Friday 26th February.

Thank you to all those who, themselves went out or, sent staff onto the road to help with the clean up. We ended up with over a ton of rubbish to be ferried away by the council truck. Thanks to Turtle Bay and Taylor Holdings for the use of their vehicles.

On moving up and down the road during the clean up we saw a lot of evidence of fly tipping of both domestic and building waste. This is more often than not done by unscrupulous Tuk Tuk operators who tell unsuspecting home owners that they are taking it to a proper dump,,,,,"they ain't". We have requested that the Town Manager give us the name and numbers of designated Tuk Tuk operators whom they have appointed to carry rubbish to the designated areas for onward collection by their truck, The town manager will be giving us this information next week and it will be circulated to the membership.

Also involving were a couple schools and the National Youth Service in this exercise and the Town manager organised the the local council to provide their truck to carry away the collected waste.

Bags for use by the Schools and Youth Service have been kindly donated by

The Blue Marmalade Supermarket so thanks to them.

This is the best time of year to collect the roadside litter as the vegetation is more sparse so we look forward to well supported and successful clean up,

Thank you for your support.


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