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Watmu Covid 19 Food Programme


Hand washing

Weekly update on the Watamu Association Covid 19 response (week commencing 27 April 2020)

Food programme

The Covid 19 Food Programme Bonga Points fundraising raised over KES 550,000 since starting 3 weeks ago.

This is thanks to the generosity of people gifting their Bonga points and donating via MPESA and directly. Thank you!

This means we will be able to help 99 families who have been identified by community leaders as needing assistance with 5 food bundles each. Food bundles consist of 12kg of Unga, 2 kg of beans for a family of 5.

The programme will be able to start distributing food to the residents of Timboni, Dongokundu and Jiwe Leupe next week (week commencing 4 May 2020).

68% of identified recipients are children. We are working with government agencies and have ensured there is no duplication with those receiving aid in addition to timboni, Jiwe leupe and Donkokundu government aid.

100% of donations made to the Watamu Covid 19 food programme are spent on food. All other costs covered by volunteers and donations of goods and services.

We are directly helping people who need it most.

We are continuing to fundraise

The more money we raise the more people we can feed for longer so please keep transferring your Bonga points and making donations via MPESA to Melinda Rees on 0722 836055.

If you want to donate to the Watamu Covid 19 food programme but are abroad you can send money via world remit.

You can set up an account in about 2 minutes and then you can use a credit card to send money straight to the phone number on mpesa.

Community Engagement

The WatamuAssociation are pleased to be working together with Watamu Against Crime (WAC), community police, health officers and chiefs to share the message about how to adopt better practices to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our homes and villages.

The Watamu Against Crime vehicle is attending 2 locations a day to engage with local communities and spread the message about how to keep our communities safe and why the Kenya government are asking people to social distance and wear face masks.


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