Arabuko Sokoke De-snaring

Updated: Nov 2

8th May 2015 at 7am, meet at Forest HQ

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Numerous Watamu residents have expressed interest in getting involved with de-snaring events in the forest, and recently Watamu Association Chairman, Royjan Taylor and KWS Warden, Mr Korir, have recently been discussing such an event. KWS have now organised a de-snaring event specifically for Watamu conservationists which will be held on Friday 8th May 2015 starting at 7am at the Warden's office at the main KWS forest headquarters.

The target area is about 7km square around Arabuko Swamp. KWS expect the event to end at 10am with a cup of Tea/Coffee by the Arabuko Swamp.

KWS have planned for a series of similar events during the months of May and June involving communities and schools. So far they have done two activities which were very successful.

KWS have received no reports of death of big game, and bush meat hawking within the villages has reduced significantly since they started this program.

Those wishing to get involved are asked to contact Giovanni Parazzi (directly or through the Committee), who has kindly agreed to co-ordinate the event with KWS.


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